A Locket For Your
Loved Ones

Don't trust the internet. Share your time locked encrypted Private Keys and other sensitive digital assets offline. Unlocked only by an Ethereum Smart Contract.

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Use Cases For Locketry

Share but also protect your most private files. If something happens to
you, will your loved ones will be able to access your digital assets?


Private Keys

Back up your Cryptocurrency private keys. Allow your family access if something should happen to you.



Keep a copy of your Will with loved ones. Unlocked at the time of your passing.


Digital Assets

Encrypt any large file videos or pictures.


Dead Man’s Switch

Trigger the passing of sensitive information to trusted parties if something was to happen to you.

How Does It Work?

3 easy steps to create your first Locket


Create A Locket

Power up a Locketry Smart Contract by setting up an initial timer value. Keep reseting the timer when prompted. Only when it goes to zero will the assets be accessible.


Encrypt Files

Place whatever digital assets you want on the device. Set a password and encrypt the files.


Give Locket To Loved One

Your digital assets are now offline. Pass the encrypted device to a loved one. Rest assured that only when the Locketry timer is zero will the contents be able to be unlocked.

From the team that made crypto portfolio tracker